Awesome things you can do in Chalkidiki!

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Hello again my dear friends!

I hope your week is good. I had food poisoning and was in bed for most of it but I´m all groovy now. If I had any good advice on how to prevent it, I would share it with you. I guess, don´t eat funky-smelling food, unless it´s supposed to smell funky. Like Durian. You know Durian? It´s a fruit they eat in Asia and many hotels have signs out front, telling you not to bring any durian in your room. That´s how bad it smells.

Ok, here´s the deal for this post. I will not write anything about Jiu-jitsu

This one is solely for you to know about the options you have in Chalkidiki and more specifically the peninsula of Kassandra. 

The area around where the camp is located has a lot to offer. Whether you want to feel the Greek vibes of a small town and eat local fish, explore white sandy beaches with turquoise water or you want to throw your hands in the air and party your face off, Kassandra has it all. 

Let’s start with Afitos.


This charming little town is closest to the camp, and you can get there by taxi in 5 minutes. 

Afitos is a village known for its breathtaking view, since it is built on top of a hill overlooking the Toroneos gulf. 

You can expect to encounter the traditional atmosphere of Greece here. There are small shops on every corner, restaurants with local food and the old town center makes you wonder what the ancient Greeks were like and what philosophical questions about BJJ Plato might have asked.


A little further down the coast you´ll find Kallithea, the cosmopolitan capital of Chalkidiki. 

This is the commercial and party center of Chalkidiki. Everything is bigger and there´s more of it here. Bars, restaurants, souvenir shops, a huge promenade, a mall, hotels, apartments and the typical hustle and bustle of a tourist beach town. 

If you want to go crazy, dance and drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages out of a bucket, go there. I will do my best to join you.


Keep driving for another 19 km and you get to Pefkohori.

This place is the compact version of Kallithea. Everything is closer together and more importantly closer to the beach. 

You can have a fantastic dinner with your toes in the sand, listening to the ambient sounds of gentle waves caressing the majestic shoreline of Kassandra. Yea man – it gets poetic in Pefkohori.


The Beaches

Chalkidiki is known for its incredible beaches. The entire place is basically made of beaches. 

If you take a trip 15 km “inland”, meaning west, you will find Sani beach. Spanning a few kilometers, Sani beach is regarded as the most beautiful beach in Kassandra. 

Another nice beach is Afitos beach, located in, you guessed it – Afitos. 

If you´re feeling adventurous, you can take a trip all the way down to Xenia beach. This beach has a nice flat sandy descent and has no rocks. The perfect place to take your sexy Baywatch photos. Come on, I know you want it.

All right amigos and amigas, I told you, no Jiu-jitsu in this one. If you decide to do a BJJ camp in Greece, you have to take some time to enjoy this amazing country.

Thanks for reading and I´ll be back soon with more.


Artur from Jiutopia.

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