Jiutopia 2022 – Get ready for the time of your life!

jiu jitsu instructors on a poster for a sports camp

Hello my fellow Jiutopians!

I hope you are enjoying this early summer as much as we do. It’s crazy how good weather makes life a hundred times better. The summer-vibes got everyone on the Jiutopia-team even more excited about this year’s BJJ camp. We can’t wait to share the mats, learn from legends, and enjoy the true BJJ lifestyle again with you guys.

I am writing this post so that you can have a look at what we are preparing for you this year. 

The Instructors

Leo Vieira, Marco Canha, and Romulo Barral are making a comeback this year and will be sharing their knowledge with the Jiutopia community again. We are beyond excited about our two new additions to the instructor team: BJJ rising star Kendall Reusing and ex-top-ranked-UFC fighter Claudia Gadelha.

As you can see, the lineup this year is absolutely stacked!


Sorry guys – I love BJJ and I just can’t wait to be there.

No Restrictions – More Freedom

This years camp will also offer much greater opportunities to discover the surrounding area, since the whole COVID thing seems to be over.

The little towns and beaches around the camp are something out of a painting.

You can move around at your leisure and explore the beauty of Chalkidiki.

I will write a separate post about the top destinations and the things you can do there.

Oldies but Goldies

The good stuff that people liked last year will be there again. 

We have a yoga instructor to ease you through a week-long porrada. Personally, I thought the yoga sessions last year were a nice way to chill your vibes after training and do your body some good. 

Our highly praised massagist Thanos will be there, offering his services. 

We´ll have an open air gym for your supplemental training needs and the pool is also still there. I think the pool area is kind of what the market square was back in the days. People hang out, drink coffee, tell jokes…easy life. Again, I can´t wait.

That´s it for now my dear friends. I will be back with more information soon.

Have nice day and keep training!



Artur from Jiutopia

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