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Good evening dear people!

Another great week went by and I hope you found good balance between the things you had to do and the things you enjoy to do.

I picked up a closet from a furniture store yesterday and spent about four hours assembling the damn thing with a friend. Around midnight we got about halfway through the job. Now there’s a massive wooden construct blocking one third of my living room. The other two thirds are my bed and the clothes that are supposed to go in the closet. The irony of the story is, that my entire living room now serves as the closet it was meant to contain. What can I say… that’s life, man.

Today I will tell you a bit about the options you have to design your Jiutopia-experience. We offer three packages, that give you the maximum flexibility and allow you to have exactly the BJJ camp that you want.

The Ultimate Experience

Let`s begin with the main package – the 7-day-experience. Choosing this option will give you everything that we offer for the duration of the camp. That is:

  • Accommodation

  • 3 Meals a Day

  • Transportation From and To Thessaloniki Airport

  • Every Training Session

  • All Extra Events, like Parties, Ref Seminar, Beach Games, etc.

You can easily book your tickets with a few clicks and no hassle through our website right here.

If you are wondering what it’s like to spend seven days in a BJJ-Camp, you can read about it in the blogpost I wrote after last year’s camp.

The Long Weekend Warrior

Don’t want to take off an entire week? There are much cheaper flights the next day? No problem, we got you.

The 4-day-package is exactly right for you. It offers everything the 7-day-experience does but for, you guessed it, 4 days. The cool thing is, that you can decide which 4 days between August 26th and September 1st you’d like to join.

You can book this package right here.

The ‘I got bigger plans’ Experience

If you are travelling and want to be flexible with your accomodation and when and where you eat, this is perfect for you. The Trainings-Only Package gives you access to all of our high quality training sessions. Enojy the rolls and design the rest of your trip, just the way that you want to.

Ready for your trip? Book your spot now.

Alright my friends, that’s it for today. It was a brief one.
I wish you another great week, good trainings and many laughs with awesome people. Stay motivated and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


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