Meet Your Instructors – Part 2: Leo Vieira & Marco Canha (+ BONUS!)

two men in judo kimonos

Good evening folks,

I hope you had a great start to your week and were able to get in some good training sessions!

Today I will give you part 2 of the “Meet Your Instructors” series!

Both of these professors are as high-level as you can get and learning from them was an honor and I can’t wait what they have to show us this year.

Let’s start with Marco.

Marco Canha

Marco Canha is the founder and head-coach of Fightzone London and is one of the most successful coaches in Europe. His athletes dominate every division in all the major tournaments around the world and if you ever had a chance to be part of his class, you understand why.

Marco’s way of looking at BJJ is very unique and thoughtful and his teaching style reflects his deep understanding of the sport. You can read more about Marco right here. Or check out his Instagram here.

Below is a neat little video that gives you a good feeling for his vibe.

Leonardo “Leozinho” Vieira

Leo Vieira is, simply put, a Jiu-jistu legend. He is one of the founders of Checkmat, the most successful team in the world, by a long shot.

You can read more about Leo right here. And here is a link to his Instagram.

The cool thing, that I remember about Leo’s classes, is not only the technique he was teaching but all the things he said in between his explanations. There were so many pricless details he showed, just by reacting to questions from other participants.

You can read up some of those details, like “The Five Second Rule” or “The Difference Between A White Belt and A Black Belt” in this article I wrote last year.

Alright, I said there’s an extra bonus in the beginning.

Last year, we filmed some of the techniques, that the professors showed in the camp. One of the techniques was a very effective pass that Leo showed. The aweseome thing is, this pass works equally good for Gi and for No Gi.


Thanks a bunch for being part of our community and I hope we can meet, roll and enjoy Jiutopia very soon!

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Thank you and have a good evening.


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