Jiutopia 2022 – Get ready for the best BJJ camp in the world!

Jiutopia is a 7-day-all-inclusive-BJJ camp taking place in Chalkidiki, Greece. 26th of August – 01st of September 2022. Experience Ossome Moments.

Awesome things you can do in Chalkidiki!

Explore the beauty of Greece, while training with BJJ legends! Here are some awesome things you can do in Chalkidiki.

Jiutopia 2021: 5 Insights From My First BJJ Camp

Jiutopia 2021 was an incredible 7-days-BJJ experience with Romulo Barral, Leo Vieira, Ffion Davies, Felipe Pena and Marco Canha. Here are five things I learned from my first BJJ camp!

Meet Your Instructors – Part 1: Romulo Barral & Kendall Reusing

Meet two of the Jiutopia 2022 head-instructors. Romulo Barral & Kendall Reusing!

Design Your Perfect BJJ Experience for Jiutopia 2022

Here are the options you have for Jiutopia 2022. Choose the BJJ experience that is exactly right for you!

Meet Your Instructors – Part II: Leo Vieira & Marco Canha (+BONUS!)

In the second part of “Meet Your Instructors” you will meet Leo Vieira and Marco Canha.

Top Things To Do In Thessaloniki!

Dive into the electrifying port city of Thessaloniki. Experience an irresistibile mix of history, culture and modern life!

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