08 - 12 Feb

Jiutopia Winter Camp Poland

Japanese Houses -899€ According to the customs of Japanese culture, they ensure comfort, silence, absolute privacy, and proximity to nature for guests. Each house can

18 - 24 June


The magic continued for the 3rd year in Halkidiki with top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors! THE INSTRUCTORS Elevating Jiu Jitsu Mastery with Our Distinguished Instructors.

26 - 01 Aug-Sep


In 2022 we hosted our Second camp in Chalkidiki, Greece along with Claudia Gadelha, Romulo Barral, Leo Vieira, Kendal Reusing and Marco Canha. THE INSTRUCTORS

21 - 01 Aug - Sep


In 2021 we hosted our first camp in Chalkidiki, Greece along with Ffion Davies, Romulo Barral, Leo Vieira, Felipe Pena and Marco Canha THE INSTRUCTORS

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